Bio Tree Netting LZ45 3000M

Bio Tree Netting LZ45 3000M


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100% Bio-degradable Christmas tree Netting is here...........

We are immensely proud and excited to provide the first truly eco-friendly tree netting to the Christmas tree market. VacuBioNet® is made from PLA (Polylactic acid) polyester yarn which is typically sourced from renewable plant resources such as fermented corn starch, sugar cane, sugar beet pulp or cassava. It is a 100% natural polymer requiring 65% less energy and emits 75% less harmful greenhouse gasses in production than the petroleum-based plastics it is designed to replace.

PLA will naturally break down by hydrolysis, thermal and photo-degradation, returning to the earth without causing damage. It is compostable in commercial composting plants and completely bio-degradable. In laboratory conditions, PLA is fully recyclable, breaking down to monomers which can be re-manufactured into new PLA: truly ‘Cradle to Cradle’ recycling.

This technology is so new that this form of recycling is not currently commercially available. What's more, our VacuBioNet® has the same strength and resilience and will work in exactly the same way as our standard LZ Netting. Do note that it must be stored between -10°C and +40°C out of direct sunlight and used within two seasons.

Warning! Our VacuBioNet® is a unique product and must not be confused with other netting products manufactured from OXO-degradable plastic. OXO plastics are merely conventional plastics derived from petrochemicals with added amounts of metal salts which enhance the break-down of the plastic into shorter polymer chains and eventually to micro-plastics, which remain in - and potentially harm - the environment and are unsuitable for recycling and composting.

  • 10x300m hanks per bale
  • 21 bales per pallet
  • c 1000 trees netted per bale
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