Large Quick Stand

Large Quick Stand


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The Quick Stand is the easiest and quickest way to display a real tree in the home; it features a rust-resistant finish and the medium and large stands will be supplied with a 100%-recyclable custom moulded green plastic bowl designed to maximise water capacity. Extra Large stands will be supplied with a standard black bowl.

No Screws! No Bolts! No Fuss!

  • Quick Stand 10 Large - Anodised (Green Bowl) Dimensions: 50cm x 61.5cm 

Although designed for consumer use, they may be used for Point of Sale display in sheltered or indoor positions.

  • Size (socket diameter): 5.5"
  • Tree height up to 10'
  • Water capacity (litres): 4
  • Outer pack quantity: 10
  • Full pallet quantity: 60
  • Typical retail cost including VAT: 24.99


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