Wacker Cleaning & Milling Machine 230V with Reduction Gear

Wacker Cleaning & Milling Machine 230V with Reduction Gear


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This Christmas tree trunk cleaning and milling machine is designed and built for heavy professional use, and is particularly useful for growers and wholesalers or other high throughput sites. Supplied with a 50mm diameter machined aluminium twin bladed head capable of milling up to 125mm, it accepts trunk sizes up to 180mm.

Meanwhile, the easily-replaceable blades are set in front of wide openings on the head, which enables the rapid removal of unwanted bottom branches without blocking the machine.

An automatic motor brake is linked to the foot pedal and to sensors on the hinged safety cover, allowing for a CE safety certificate. Moreover, it boasts a heavy-duty high torque reduction gearbox, shaft and bearings, and comes complete with thermal overload protection.

  • Power supply 230v 16amp
  • Power 2.2kW
  • 550 RPM
  • 75kg weight
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